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GJT Vault, a GJT group’s branch, specialized in gold investments and precious metals, offers to its clients apersonal current account always available. Through the company’s safe deposit service, up with the times, clients can beneficiate of their physical assets immediately.

Accessibility and availability all over the world

The GJT Vaults’ safe deposits, guarded in the central vault in Hong Kong, can be requested in every country at any time.
In fact, the clients may order their safe deposit online from everywhere and within a maximum of 72 hours (considering the intercontinental transfers) the safe box will be transported where it is meant to be: clients’ homes, GJT Vault offices, other locations.

Privacy and security are guaranteed

Every GJT Vault’s safe deposit is provided with two keys and a double lock. One lock is given to the clients while the other is guarded by GJT Vault. GJT Vault lock’s key will be safeguarded by the company whereas the other will be delivered solely and exclusively to the clients. Obviously, the safe deposit box can be opened and closed in the presence of the two parties only.
GJT Vault service, in addition to be tailor-made for both individual and institutional clients, assures, as mentioned, the traditional custodian privacy and absolute security.

Advantages in storing in Hong Kong and Dubai

- Precious metals’ storage, purchase, ownership and sales are not taxed
- Unlike other governments, Hong Kong and UAE have a very gold-friendly jurisdiction
- State of the art central vault in Hong Kong and Dubai offer world-class security services